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Google seems to have a funny interpretation of the search and an interesting strategy for advertisements. I was looking for a repository to get Subclipse, because the page was down for maintenance. So I opened Google (the German version of it to look for “Sublipse p2”. On the right side of the page, […]

A funny synergy effect results from the fact that Shuron is using WordPress too. As long as I’m his reader and he is mine and we push the plugin selection independent, the total number of reviewed and selected useful plugins is almost the double of my own. Thanks to Shuron’s introduction, my blog will also […]

In order to be able to track the technology impact on this page, I introduce a new About page, that reveals the technological background of this site. I will also publish about the customizations I execute. And I wish all of you a happy new year! tags: blog, section, disclaimer