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Leaving Facebook


Without any warning I deleted my Facebook account. For some of the non-computer-science-people this step could look strange or even insane. No, I’m not insane and I’m not isolated from the rest of the world now. I would like to explain some of the reasons for my decisions. There are just few of them:  

Around two months ago, I noticed a status change on the profile of a friend telling that he achieved a brown belt at I was interested and found out that BlackBeltFactory is the successor of the JavaBlackBelt. The site has been relaunched with many new offers. Let me introduce the site and tell why […]

Blogging Culture

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Web technology and web design were and remain important subjects of my interest. Facing hundreds of horrible-designed pages and my many different interests fostered the creation of many different web pages, for which I played a role of a web designer, a system administrator or a hosting provider. One of the reasons for that, was […]