Some personal information

My name is Simon Zambrovski. I was born at 11.02.1979 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Currently, I live in Hamburg, Germany.


You can contact me:

  • write me an eMail to
  • give me a call +49(0)17616169010
  • chat me over XMPP/Jabber/GTalk using JabberID:
  • PGP PUBLIC KEY, fingerprint: 0803 BD2F 00F9 744D 0957 17DF C0DA BF40 3B03 A36B
  • using Skype: szambrovski


If you are looking for the photos, you can find them in my Flickr gallery. A collection of carefully selected pictures is available on
Simon Zambrovski - View my recent photos on 35PHOTO
My book wishlist by Amazon can be accessed here.

I’ll contribute to this page later…