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Blogging Culture

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Web technology and web design were and remain important subjects of my interest. Facing hundreds of horrible-designed pages and my many different interests fostered the creation of many different web pages, for which I played a role of a web designer, a system administrator or a hosting provider. One of the reasons for that, was […]

In order to be able to track the technology impact on this page, I introduce a new About page, that reveals the technological background of this site. I will also publish about the customizations I execute. And I wish all of you a happy new year! tags: blog, section, disclaimer  

Page maintenance

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Using some hints from my friend Shuron I upgraded my WordPress to actual version. As described in his blog, I also used WordPress Database Backup plugin. In addition to a single upgrade operation, it also supports scheduled backup of the entire database. After the update I installed a new theme and nice Bib2HTML plugin. Using […]