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Blogging Culture

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Web technology and web design were and remain important subjects of my interest. Facing hundreds of horrible-designed pages and my many different interests fostered the creation of many different web pages, for which I played a role of a web designer, a system administrator or a hosting provider. One of the reasons for that, was […]

Tools for TLA+


As mentioned in the previous post on Fowlers DSL example,there are some tools available for the TLA+ specification language. In the following a short overview of currently available tools for TLA+ is given. The described tools are and are part of the TLA+ toolset available from the website. SANY – Syntax Analyser for TLA+ specifications […]

Since Prof. Dr. Vogt is going to retirement and leaves his position as head of the Institute of Telematics of Hamburg University of Technology a small farewell party has been organized. The most to prominent guests from the computer science community were Leslie Lamport and Manfred Broy. Leslie spoke about the benefits of usage of […]