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Mean.js is a new popular Javascript full stack using MongoDB for persistence. To be more precise it incorporates MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js and allows for very fast and light-weight application development. The use of scaffolder Yeoman boosts creation of modules, routes, controller, views and other boilerplate Javascript code. As a result, a Single Page […]

This article describes the configuration of Magento shop for small business in Germany. Especially, §19 of the German VAT law allows to apply for a special exception from the tax return which simplifies the handling of taxes for small business. In this case the VAT must be ommited from the display to the customer and […]

Software vendors change software, especially introducing new side-effects. That’s the price we pay for new features. Things gets really complicated, if several software systems should work together. One of the fameous software stacks is provided by Google. The power of that is that you can combine individual features or use them independently. In this post […]