Eclipse Ad
Google seems to have a funny interpretation of the search and an interesting strategy for advertisements. I was looking for a repository to get Subclipse, because the page was down for maintenance. So I opened Google (the German version of it to look for “Sublipse p2”. On the right side of the page, the ad has been displayed… (The translation of it from German is: Buy Eclipse p2, thousands of offers. Eclipse p2: low prices guaranteed…)

It is impressive, since I was not searching for Eclipse, but the Big Brother was able to establish the semantic link between Sublipse and Eclipse and look for Eclipse & p2. It turns out that p2 is Pentium II and Eclipse is the Fujitsu Siemens Notebook.

For all non-geeks among us: Eclipse is a the famous software platform and integrated development environment built on top of it. P2 is the system for provisioning and installation of components inside of Eclipse. Eclipse is the example for the open-source development and is available free of charge.