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Google’s alternative to Flickr extended free space from 250MB to 1GB.


In that time yahoo (FlickR) added their own map and copied google feature of sharing the album with people without a FlickR account.

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Google Theme

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Today I noticed a small “Select theme” on the right side of my customized google page. After selecting a theme I was excited about the themes capable of displaying the local time, sunrise and dawn.

I wonder what will be next? Displaying the weather?

Google conflicts

Yesterday, I spoke with Boris about the “ Google Code” and the silently growing project management site. Google started with “Code Search” and is now establishing a suite a la Sourceforge. Just another provider that will be kicked by side from Google. Boris said, that would damage the community oppinion. Even so, today I saw this message and wonder if it is possible to buy Sourceforge…

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