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Mean.js is a new popular Javascript full stack using MongoDB for persistence. To be more precise it incorporates MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js and allows for very fast and light-weight application development. The use of scaffolder Yeoman boosts creation of modules, routes, controller, views and other boilerplate Javascript code. As a result, a Single Page Application can be generated very fast. In addition a a user module with Passport authorization supporting a local and several social backend strategies is included.

In order to leverage the the backend authorization capabilities to be used ineth enterprise environment, I combined it with LDAP authorization backend. Since  passport-ldapauth implements this problem it was natural to use this component. In the following post,  I provide the configuration needed for the implementation, inspired by the author of the module.

The article is hosted on my TechJava blog:

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A collegue of mine Christian Weiss wrote a  rant to the project management approach used in Ignite | IoT Methodology. His main issue is that IoT projects has to be treated agile. Why is he writing this? Is he just not familiar with bullet-proof PMI project methods or did he suffer any personal pains on classical project management? The answer is NO, it is the nature of IoT projects leading to the only correct decision to run them agile.

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