Simon Zambrovski

"One Cannot Not Communicate" – Watzlawick

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A collegue of mine Christian Weiss wrote a rant to the project management approach used in Ignite | IoT Methodology. His main issue is that IoT projects has to be treated agile. Why is he writing this? Is he just not familiar with bullet-proof PMI project methods or did he suffer any personal pains on classical project management? The answer is NO, it is the nature of IoT projects leading to the only correct decision to run them agile.

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Business Capabilities is an emerging and very interesting subject, which I’m following since many years. I do believe that it provides a very powerful method for corporate modelling and management chich can be used in different scenarios in order to create ratings and prepair strategic and operational decisions. I follow the subject since Urlich Homann introduced it in 2005 during his visit in Hamburg. 

For long time it seemed that Business Capabilities was too abstract for implementation among my customers – especially because of other technology hypes as SOA or management hypes as BPM or Lean. Now it seems that those hypes has flatten and the subjects became every day technologies and methods. To me, it seems that the market is now ready to use Business Capabilities for opportunity rating and decision support for both BPM project portfolios or SOA landscapes. In order to get familiar with the method itself, I run a self-test in my own company and got some spectacular results. A short review in German about this self-test can be found here – but if you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me.