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Wrote a picture review on the about a good picture taken by a friend. As usual for that site, it is written in German and discusses the issues of a macro shots. I try to provide some hints about this kinds of pictures. Especially, the usage of too wide-opened aperture leads not only the […]

According to Slontech a new GPS related technology breakthrough may become available. In contrast to GPS live mode, where the coordinates are required in time of receiving (e.G. for navigation scenario) geo-tagging does not require them. As described in Geotagging with GPS Whitepaper the new device could just store the raw GPS signal. Later this […]

In my previous posts I defined a number of use cases I want to process with. Especially, I was interested in GPS Tracking using a mobile phone and already posted about it. I tried to reuse my experiences with GPS Track for another GPS related subject: geo-tagging / geo-coding. The idea behind a geo-coded image […]