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Yesterday, I spoke with Boris about the “Google Code” and the silently growing project management site. Google started with “Code Search” and is now establishing a suite a la Sourceforge. Just another provider that will be kicked by side from Google. Boris said, that would damage the community oppinion. Even so, today I saw this […]

Google Reader

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I forgot to inform that the new version of Google Reader is much more comfortable than the last one, so I moved all my blog-reading off the Bloglines to Google Reader…  

Google Services

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Today I noticed that my google service offers several “new” services in the upper left corner of my GMail. These are Google, GMail, Calendar, Photos, Docs and Spreadsheets. The new one are: Photos (picasa web albums) offering something like FlickR, but better (as usual by google) and Docs and Spreadshhets (docs and spreadsheets) that is […]