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As most Java developers using Eclipse IDE, I prefer to use it for everything. All right, I’m not using Eclipse to control my media player, but I’m using it for publishing. Since my project work, I’m a TeX user and not a MS Word user. Even if I’m pretty good in using old MS Office, […]

During the ongoing work on development of a language for enterprise modeling it seems reasonable to develop a prototype modeling tool. Especially in case of enterprise models, which tend to become huge very quickly, it is important to have a possibility to define views on the models, and store them persistently. Eclipse ecosystem offers a […]

Yesterday, the first Hamburger Eclipse DemoCamp took place. About fifty participants and eight speakers met in the nice Spanish restaurant Aqui in Schanzen-District, just a step away from the Headquaters of Gentleware AG. The event was, what it should be – a local exchange of experience and know-how in the area of Eclipse. Because of […]