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Just posted an article on packaging of RCP application on TechJava. I wanted to include more enterprise systems-related stuff in it, but somehow it is more about general RCP packaging. The main difference between standard packaging and the one described is the fact that the additional feature with framework plug-ins is used. At any rate, […]

I had a chance to speak about Eclipse Common Navigator Framework on Eclipse DemoCamp Hamburg – Galileo Edition. The event was a full success. Five speakers and fourty visitors were attending. After the formal part, there was an opportunity to relax at the bar of East Hotel Hamburg, thanks to Peter and Martin. My talk […]

Just finished to correct mistakes (thanks to Francis) in the article I posted about the usage of the Common Navigator Framework (CNF). In doing so the article incorporates the information already covered in different blogs, but also focuses on the specific use case of providing a view of data structure completely unrelated to the Eclipse […]