Eclipse Summit 2007

MDSD Session

I listened to a session on SOA platform and later got to a workshop on EMF and large models. I got there just by an accident, resulting from the discussion with guyes from Gentleware and SAP. We spoke in a lunch discussion about the problems of EMF. Then Axel Uhl just invited me to participate and I got probably to the most interesing part of the summit. It was very informative and I spent several hours with the MDSD gurus like Ed Merks, Marcus Voelter, Bernd Kolb, three gyes from SAP, formely Interactive Objects, three gyes from Gentleware and a couple of persons I don’t know. The subject of the workshop was the discussion of large models, and problems and issues on the management and infrastructure. After the long dialog on needs and nice-to-haves the group agreed on a need of creation of an open-source EMF-based repository, in order to identfy the opporunities of what is available today and pain-points of existing solutions. The open source nature should foster the consolidation of a spread knowlegde and experience on EMF in a single project. Later, I visited an excited demo of Ed Merks on new features of EMF.

Thanks to Ed, we all got a wonderful picture of all us…

Big Modelers

BIRT Session
Other intersting sessions visited were the BIRT-related session. It seems that this Eclipse project gets adult. I was really impressed on the variety of features and especially the number of solutions to real world problems I often tried to solve during my industrial activities. It seems that BIRT can be seen as a next level open source reporting tool, that offers a good foundation for further in-enterprise reporting.