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Eclipse Platform provides a help system that can be used during creation of the help content for your application. It is very convenient while used inside of the IDE, but needs a special approach if used in the RCP. This article tries to gather the information which may be useful. You can find more on […]

Tools for TLA+


As mentioned in the previous post on Fowlers DSL example,there are some tools available for the TLA+ specification language. In the following a short overview of currently available tools for TLA+ is given. The described tools are and are part of the TLA+ toolset available from the website. SANY – Syntax Analyser for TLA+ specifications […]

In my previous posts I defined a number of use cases I want to process with. Especially, I was interested in GPS Tracking using a mobile phone and already posted about it. I tried to reuse my experiences with GPS Track for another GPS related subject: geo-tagging / geo-coding. The idea behind a geo-coded image […]