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Last friday I was visiting the Nordic Coding event in Kiel, in Northern Germany. The event was a nice unwinder with three promiment speakers: Martin Lippert, Jan Köhnlein and Ralf Ebert. Moderated by Sven Efftinge from itemis the event was a full success with neary 50 visitors. After three talks, we relaxed by some finger […]

Since I spend this summer in Germany, I started a big home improvement project. Well, I’m not Tim Taylor and my tools are not from Binford, but it is really a serious improvement for me. So the plan is to remodel the attic: insulate the roof, replace old single-glass windows by the double glazing, replace […]

Just finished to correct mistakes (thanks to Francis) in the article I posted about the usage of the Common Navigator Framework (CNF). In doing so the article incorporates the information already covered in different blogs, but also focuses on the specific use case of providing a view of data structure completely unrelated to the Eclipse […]