Simon Zambrovski

"One Cannot Not Communicate" – Watzlawick

Sun Microsystems published an article about dictionary Web Service, that can be used in AJAX mode. In combination with Monkeygrease this service can be adopted for use in any web application dynamically, without any modification to JSP/Server-side code. This combination shows the real power of AJAX as the Web Service technology enabler.

The postbank uses firewalls with invalid set-up. All ICMP-Traffic is dropped. This causes problems while accessing the site over a Linux 2.4 Router with NAT (The problem background can be found in German here:

Basically, it is the handshaking of the packet size based on MTU of PPPoE by packets with DF-flag (Don’t fragment) set. This handshaking is based on special ICMP command.

Today I tried out Google Talk, another product extending the Google Empire. It works very fine and managed to communicate across the corporate boundaries with non-transparent HTTPS proxy.

This is a very helpfull feature in terms of a global avaliability. I continue to use Skype, because of its Skype-Out feature and hope that Google will extend its Talk or simply buy Skype…