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Internet map

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A website for displaying the internet map. In order to be displayed one require 150 clicks or 15$. Funny idea… You can support by clicking on the following link:  

The postbank uses firewalls with invalid set-up. All ICMP-Traffic is dropped. This causes problems while accessing the site over a Linux 2.4 Router with NAT (The problem background can be found in German here: Basically, it is the handshaking of the packet size based on MTU of PPPoE by packets with DF-flag (Don’t fragment) […]

Today I was suprised about the bad compatibility of the WebDav system component. I wanted to upload some data on an Linux Apache Web Server with installed Web-DAV module, with Authorization based on AuthType digest from my WindowsXP workstation. In following I describe the activities needed for that simple operation: Opened “Network neighbourhood” added new […]